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More than just Countertops - PaperStone® Applications

Last week we introduced one of our favorite new (to us!) products, PaperStone®, and broke down what it's made from and how it's produced.

This week, let's dig into some other PaperStone® materials and how you can use it.

PaperStone® countertops are cool....but what else?

--> Cladding: a sustainable composite cladding for interiors and exteriors, Cladding offers all the benefits of PaperStone®, plus enhanced weatherability, UV stability and color stability.

--> CharredStone: especially suited for covering interior walls, it offers a textured surface that combines the effect of charred wood with the aesthetics and durability typical of PaperStone®.

--> CoverPly™: CoverPly offers a lighter-weight version of PaperStone®, with layers of the classic PaperStone® composite surface adhered on either side of a Baltic Birch plywood core. The birch edge remains exposed while the surface retains the characteristics of the PaperStone® material.

--> Deck™ and DiaScreen™: panels in PaperStone® with diamond-shaped surface to obtain a slip-proof effect. Available in the entire PaperStone® color range.

Where can PaperStone® be used?

So many places! Though typically seen as countertops, PaperStone® can also used in:

--> Campervan build-outs (CoverPly is a great, lightweight option!)

--> Outdoor kitchens and living spaces

--> Interior feature walls

--> Commercial applications such as countertops, tables, and prep surfaces

--> Exterior cladding covering the facades of commercial and residential buildings

Have a project in mind? We'd love to learn more!

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